If you prefer to use your meteorology abilities over your vocabulary, check out Cloudle, a fantastic new free game inspired by Worlde. Every day, players must complete a weather symbol grid by forecasting the five-day weather for a new randomly selected city around the world. It's incredible, and it's a weather-themed Wordle.

Cloudle is a meteorology app that challenges you to identify a city's impending five-day prediction in six attempts. Your choices are similar to the prediction iconography, such as sunny, cloudy, etc.

Fill out a grid with guesses in the Wordle style. We guess the forecast for the next five days in a random city by selecting weather symbols rather than typing words. Then, in Wordle manner, it will tell us if a symbol exists in the forecast at all, occurs but not in the required spot, or whether we predicted it properly. You get six guesses for the daily puzzle. Have a great time!

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