Connections Hints & Answers

Connections NYT Game Hints & Answers Today March 11, 2024
Connections NYT Game Hints & Answers Today March 11, 2024
Today, we will give the Connections answers for March 11, 2024. Spoilers are ahead! We've warned you. We mean it. Don't read anymore unless you truly want some clues or you've given up and need answers right away.


Connections - A Spiritual Successor to the Popular Game Wordle

If you're a long-time fan of Wordle and have recently discovered Connections, you might have noticed the similarities and differences between these two captivating games. Both revolve around words and letters, providing an immeasurable sense of excitement upon completing each puzzle. However, as you delve deeper into the gameplay, you'll discover the unique characteristics that set Wordle and Connections Game apart.

In Wordle, players are limited to 5-letter words and can submit their guesses to see if any letters belong to the target word. With six attempts available, the game provides hints after each guess. Even if you haven't found the correct word, you gain insights into which letters are not part of the target word and whether the correct letters are in the right position.

On the other hand, Connections challenges players to sort existing words into groups that share a common characteristic. You have only four attempts to find the right combinations, and no hints are provided.

How to Play Connections

When you launch the game, you'll be presented with a 4x4 grid, containing a total of 16 words. Your role as the player is to find combinations of four words that form a group sharing a common characteristic. A group, also known as a category, can take various forms, and it's up to you to deduce the potential category name. Here are a few examples of categories:

  • Slow animals: loris, sloth, snail, tortoise
  • Worldly sins: envy, greed, lust, pride

Notice how the word "sloth" can fit into both categories? This is where Connections cunningly tricks you into forming the wrong groups!

After selecting your four words, click on "Submit" to verify if they belong to the same category. If you guess correctly, the category name will be revealed. However, be cautious, as you only have four attempts before failing the puzzle.

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