Connections NYT

What is Connections NYT?

Connections NYT is a word association game that can also be played on the desktop and mobile web. It gives players 16 words and challenges them to group them together in four different categories. Before losing, players get four chances to solve the puzzle.

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In relationships, you'll be offered a grid with 16 words; your goal is to group these words into four groups of four by identifying the relationships that connect them. These sets could include concepts such as video game franchise titles, book series sequels, shades of red, chain restaurant names, and so on.

There are certain words that appear to fit numerous themes, but there is only one 100% accurate answer. You can mix and rearrange the grid of words to better see the potential connections.

Each group has a different color. The green group is the most straightforward, followed by the yellow, blue, and purple groups.

Select four words and press the Submit button. If you are correct, the four words will be removed from the grid, and the theme that links them will be revealed. If you guess poorly, it counts as a mistake. You only have four mistakes before the game ends.


  • A gentle brain teaser that demands logical deduction as well as creative thinking.
  • Each game is simply a few minutes long.
  • A new test with a wide range of terminology

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