What is Dictionarium?

Dictionarium Wordle, which is based on the popular word game Wordle, has been updated to incorporate a Guess A Challenge feature in Word Daily Wordle Mode. A daily game in which players have to guess three words accurately based on their definitions in fewer than six tries. This Wordle clone game is available online for no cost.

Game rules

Every day there is a mystery conundrum to solve in the game Dictionarium. The rules of this word-a-day game are straightforward, much like wordle's.

This wordle-like game is simple to play and has the following ground rules:

In this game, guess as many words as you can based on their definitions from current dictionaries before you run out of mistakes!

Making a mistake for each word reveals one of the following:

the word's length, first letter, and each additional meaning (until all meanings have been exhausted).
By clicking "Words" or "Mistakes," respectively, you may see a list of your previous predictions.

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