What is Explordle?

You must identify the correct locations from a YouTube video in the amusing geography game Explordle. Although the game is played with a video rather than Google Street View, it is similar to the GeoGuessr game in some ways.

The Explordle rules are extremely simple to grasp. You're shown a video of a random location and asked to choose the correct one from a list of four. After you've determined whether your assumption was correct or not, you can use an interactive map to pinpoint the exact location of the video.

Explordle is a little more difficult because the answers are written in Chinese (for non-Chinese speakers). If you use Chrome and have Google Translate enabled, this is not an issue. In other browsers, selecting the map icon next to each multiple-choice response will allow you to bypass any language barriers (in order to view a map of the location).

If you don't want to play in Chinese, try "City Guesser" instead. Despite the fact that it is in English, the game is essentially identical.

Game Rules

The enjoyable location guessing game You must identify a specific location in a video in the game Explordle City Guesser. Simply point at the location indicated on an interactive map to begin playing. The game plays a seemingly random video of a location in the world. To determine where you think the movie was shot, pay attention to the visual cues in the clip (such as the language & words used in street signs and the design of the street furniture). After you've made your guess, simply click on an interactive map to begin earning points based on how accurately you identified the location from the video.

Explordle rules are simple to grasp. You will be sent a video clip of someone exploring or strolling through a city or famous landmark area. The goal is for the player to select the appropriate response from a set of options; each appropriate response helps the player better understand the objective.


How to play Explordle

Using mouse

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