What is LoLdle?

The internet guessing game was inspired by LoLdle Wordle. Despite this, the popularity of this game mode is growing, and it now appears that this variation may even outperform its predecessor. All of this happened just a few weeks after the album's release. What a terrific method to learn while having fun!

Let's try to win this exciting game now!

Without a doubt, the ability game mode is the most difficult. Players will be shown a talent image and asked to guess which champion it belongs to.

The player will receive a clue after four unsuccessful attempts. This will bring the player to the name of the champion.

The Game's Rules

The color of the tiles will change depending on how well you guessed the champion's location.

- A perfect match with the property is shown in green.

- A partial match is shown by the color orange.

- There is no overlap between your guess and the property, as indicated by the red highlighting. It also employs arrows to indicate if the response attribute is above or below your prediction.

How to play LoLdle

Using mouse

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