The game PIMIENTO wordle, which this time around has been changed to guess a challenge in the word daily wordle mode, was inspired by the well-known word game wordle. 4 daily semantics minigames. By inputting a word, you may determine how similar it is to the hidden word! This Wordle clone game is available online for no cost.

We gave it a shot, and we can't wait to play it again tomorrow so we can brag to our pals about how beautifully we aced the word-a-day game.

Game rules

This wordle-like game is simple to play and has the following ground rules:

The word-based minigames in PIMIENTO total four. At 0:00 local time in your time zone, the answers change. Every Thursday, our food is even tastier!

❗ After reading the directions for each minigame, click to end it.

PIMIENTO is a glossary of concepts that are frequently mixed or used interchangeably. For instance, the words bear, grizzly, and tranquilized have a lot in common.

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