What exactly is Plangman?

Plangman uses hangman, platforming, and physics to tell the story of a space pilot, the girl he loves, and the wizard who stands in their way.

Plangman is a platform puzzle game that blends Hangman with 3D-ish graphics. Collect clues, guess words, and follow the heartwarming story of a lone spaceman searching for his sweetheart.

Game Features

- Distinctive gameplay (Wheel of Fortune meets Lode Runner) - 26 levels of a futuristic fairy tale story
- Inspiring synthesizer soundtrack - Puzzles with multiple solutions
- Because the words and level layouts are produced at random, each playthrough is slightly different.
- An exclusive Zoom-based health system
- A look at the Deluxe Edition's two-player "Challenge a Friend" option.
300 points for three letters "ACORN" = 100 points

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