What is Speedle?

Speedle is a popular word search game. In actuality, multiple internet versions are available, and it is fairly popular. One thing they all have in common is that they're all sluggish games in which you sift through a sea of letters looking for words and phrases. But that isn't what we're looking for here. We need something that moves much faster so that we don't have time to halt and analyze the words we need—we want them in front of us right away!

It is! Speedle is one of those word puzzle games that will put your brain to the test and reveal previously unknown abilities.

Game Rules

Speedle comes into play here; think of it as Wordle on steroids! You only have three seconds per round, which is insufficient time to analyze the letters you see! And every second counts! If you want to succeed at these really fast speedrun Wordle puzzles, you must get started as soon as possible.

While wordle games are entertaining and relaxing, they can become overly simplistic with time. As a result, speedrun word searches such as Speedle were created. Wordle games put your ability to construct as many words as possible in a limited amount of time using a given list of letters, numbers, or symbols to the test.

As you accomplish each level faster, your score rises and you collect more stars. Does that sound difficult?

How to play speedle

Using mouse

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