Connections Hints & Answers

Connections NYT Game Hints & Answers Today March 11, 2024
Connections NYT Game Hints & Answers Today March 11, 2024
Today, we will give the Connections answers for March 11, 2024. Spoilers are ahead! We've warned you. We mean it. Don't read anymore unless you truly want some clues or you've given up and need answers right away.

Word Roundup

What is Word Roundup?

Word Roundup is a fresh take on a classic format that combines the thrill of a word search with the mental challenge of a crossword puzzle. In contrast to traditional word searches, where the player is aware of the words to look for, Word Roundup provides crossword-style clues for the hidden words. If you think word searches are too easy, or if you want a new spin on an old favorite, try Word Roundup.

Game Rules

Look for the word list on the side or bottom of the screen. Its position will change depending on whether it is in portrait or landscape mode. Locate each word from the themed word list in the puzzle grid. You can find words by moving forward, backward, up, down, diagonally, or in any other direction.

As you locate the word in the grid, click/tap and drag from one end to the other. If you are correct, the word will be highlighted in the grid and removed from the word list.

Click or tap the letter icon to temporarily expose all the locations of the first letter of any word, then select any word from the list. If you choose the word BALL, for example, all of the letter Bs on the Word Roundup grid will appear briefly.

Click or tap the word icon to highlight a word in its entirety at random.

If you use a Letter or Word tip, you will not be ranked on completion.


How to play Word Roundup

Using mouse

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