What is dactle?

Dactle is a game that revolutionizes the traditional word game genre by incorporating sign language as its primary medium of communication. It draws inspiration from popular word games, particularly Wordle, challenging players to decode well-known terms conveyed through sign language gestures. This unique approach to word guessing creates an engaging and inclusive gaming experience.

Unlike conventional word games, this innovative experience presents players with a challenge—to decipher popular terms expressed through sign language. Dactle not only entertains but also offers an educational component, providing a training option where players can learn the fundamentals of sign language.


In Dactle, players are presented with a series of sign language gestures that represent a specific popular term. The challenge lies in deciphering these signs to uncover the intended word or phrase. The game offers a training option where players can familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of sign language, enhancing their ability to interpret the signs accurately during gameplay.

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