What is Dawdlin?

Dawdlin emerges as a distinct word game that draws inspiration from the complexity of Wordle's Hard Mode while introducing its own distinctive twist. The game revolves around strategic word guessing and adherence to predefined rules for placing letters, offering players a challenging yet rewarding experience that demands both skill and deduction.


In Dawdlin, players embark on a strategic journey of word guessing while navigating specific rules for letter placement. Similar to Wordle's Hard Mode, players make guesses within a limited number of attempts. However, Dawdlin introduces additional rules governing the placement of letters within the guessed words, adding an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay. Players must strategically arrange the letters in their guesses according to these predefined rules.


  • Strategic Word Guessing: Dawdlin stands out for its emphasis on strategic guessing, challenging players to decipher words while adhering to specific letter placement rules.

  • Unique Twist: With its innovative approach to word games, Dawdlin offers a fresh perspective by introducing new rules for letter arrangement, providing a novel challenge for players.

  • Linguistic Deduction: The game encourages players to apply linguistic deduction and strategic thinking to decipher words while abiding by the specified letter placement criteria.

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