What is Stattogories?

Stattogories is an innovative trivia game that transcends typical question-and-answer formats. It tests players' acumen in different fields by presenting statistical comparisons rather than straightforward questions. Participants are tasked with predicting whether a given statistic is higher or lower than another related statistic, showcasing their comprehensive understanding of various subjects.

Rules and Gameplay

The gameplay of Stattogories revolves around a set of intuitive rules:

  • Statistical Comparisons: Players are presented with pairs of related statistics and must determine whether one statistic is higher or lower than the other.
  • Making Predictions: Using their knowledge and instincts, players make informed guesses about the comparative values of the presented statistics.
  • Scoring Streaks: The ultimate goal is to achieve a high score streak by consistently making accurate predictions, reflecting a player's proficiency across diverse subject matters.

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